The features of NAT Exam

The features of NAT may be listed as under:

Based on Valid, Secure, Transparent, Accurate, Reliable, Confidential and Scientific form of testing principles.

Nation-wide administration simultaneously.

Sale of forms through the widespread network of Axis Bank and select outlets across the country.

Optical Mark Reader (OMR) technology system.

Objective Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) test format. Components ranging from English language to other disciplines.

Multiple series of question-sets for Confidentiality.

Use of Internationally Recognized Technologies.

Neutral Examination centres with suitable environment.

Under the umbrella of SRDE's Board and Council consistng of eminent academicians and visionaries.

Test of Appreciation not Elimination’ to know the best of the candidate.

Evaluation & Result processing within 10 days from the date of the test.

Tamper proof result cards.

Online result facility with simultaneous supply of scores of candidate to their opted Institutions.


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